February 4, 2018

For surely saith the Lord, the day comes quickly now that you shall arise and you shall shine. For the Glory of the Lord shall have risen upon you, saith the Lord. As surely as you hear it in your ear today, know it in your heart that this day comes where there shall be an arising, arising of My Glory upon My People, saith the Lord. And many miracles and signs and wonders will be done, many will be saved and healed and delivered and set free, saith the Lord. This is not for a time long, long ahead, but now this time grows very near, saith the Lord. It is a time to draw near; it is a time to shake yourself, saith the Lord, break every chain that connects you to the world, cut every bondage that binds you to the world and the things and desires of the world. For you shall arise and you shall show forth My Glory in the days ahead, for you shall carry My Anointing and My Power and you shall carry the Power of My Word within your mouth and the things that you speak shall not fall in vain to the ground for I shall scoop them up and I shall move upon them, saith the Lord. As it was in the days of Samuel not one of his words fell to the ground and so it is today I Am raising up such a people, saith the Lord that are totally sold out and totally committed and ready to move and do whatever they’re called to do with nothing holding them back. They shall be instant in season and out of season and they shall move as My Angels move, they shall move instantly saith the Lord. This is what is coming in the days ahead, so prepare yourself, look behind and see if there is anything holding you back. Any unforgiveness, any sin that has not been dealt with, shake yourself, shake yourself free, saith the Lord, of those things that would hold you back from arising, that would hold you down. Hear it saith the Lord, and settle it in your heart once and for all. Be ready and watchful in this day, saith the Lord, for what comes shall come suddenly, be ready to move when that day comes, saith the Lord.