July 22, 2018

For surely saith the Lord, this is a day in which you find yourself, but many look at this day and time and see nothing but darkness and clouds of doom and trouble, but I say in this day, saith the Lord, you shall see a light and it shall have the attention of many. For in a room full of darkness, saith the Lord, if one was to light just one candle, would not those in that room attention and eyes be drawn to that light? And so it shall be in this day, saith the Lord, My Light will begin to shine, it is already shining, saith the Lord, but I shall ignite My People in the days ahead and My Light shall go forth from them and shall draw the attention of many, many shall be drawn to that Light that they might receive understanding and knowledge and truth. For this is the Light that you carry, this is the Light that you have to shine, it is My Light. It is your understanding of Me and My Word and the Power of My Spirit, the things that I have done in your life, this is the Light, this is the good news, this is the gospel that you shall bring. This is a day where My People shall begin to shine. For is it not written that My Prophet said “Arise and shine for your Light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you”? And so it shall be in this day, saith the Lord, do not strive for this Light, do not try to make it happen, just do what I have called you to do and be who I have called you to be and I shall see to it that the Light shines. Do not shrink back when people approach you, saith the Lord, do not feel embarrassed or ashamed, but take that step of faith and let that Light shine. For it not only shines round about you, that Light, that understanding, knowledge and truth shall come forth from your very mouth, for it shall be My Word, saith the Lord that you shall speak to others and you shall see them set free and you shall see them come to Me, saith the Lord. This is a day where the Light now begins to shine, let it shine, saith the Lord. Place no basket over this Light. Through the doctrines of men, remove that basket from you and let My Light shine from you. I shall fill your mouth with words of wisdom and truth and you shall see great things in the days ahead. Even though the dark seems to be getting darker, now My Light shall begin to move and you shall see it and walk in its glory, saith the Lord.