Our Purpose: To bring the people of Townsend, the surrounding communities and the rest of the world to Jesus Christ and into members of His family. To train and develop them into Christian maturity and to equip them for their ministry in the church and life mission to the world, in order to magnify and worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Vision: That this church will be able to serve the people of this local community, help in meeting their needs both natural and spiritual, to establish Godly fellowship with them based on relationship values not mere religious tradition.

Our Goal: To provide people with

  • God’s purpose to live for – Mission
  • God’s people to live with – Membership and fellowship through relationship
  • God’s principles to live by – Maturity
  • God’s profession (calling) to live out – Ministry
  • God’s power to live on – Magnify God through times of quiet and audible praise and worship