Prophecy – August 26, 2018 (Page 2018)

Prophecy – August 26, 2018 (Page 2018)


August 26, 2018

For surely saith the Lord, this is a day that I would have you to see as I see. It is a day that I desire that you come that I might anoint your eyes with eye salve, My eye salve that you might be able to see as I see, to see you as I see you, not as you see you. For I see beyond what the mirror reflects when you look into it. I see something greater, saith the Lord, for I see with eyes of faith and it’s My desire to touch your eyes today that you might see with eyes of faith and not just look through natural eyes, saith the Lord. For the enemy has come and sowed lies into your heart and into your mind that you cannot attain or achieve what I want you to achieve, saith the Lord, but I see you as overcomers not under-goers, I see you strong and mighty in My sight. But the devil tells you that you’re weak, you’re unworthy, you’re unholy and you’re rejected and casted to the side, that there’s really no hope for you, that is a lie, saith the Lord. That is the eyes of the devil what he sees through, that’s the way he sees you, saith the Lord, not the way I see you, but I see you as the person that I created, not the one you created and not the one the devil wants to recreate in you, but I see you through My Eyes. For in the days ahead you will be required to look at things differently. For there shall be many lying signs and wonders and much deception in days ahead and you must be able to see through what the devil has camouflaged and twisted and perverted, you must be able to see as I see, to look past that deception and see the truth. Not only as you look at others, but even as you now look in that mirror, saith the Lord, as you look at yourself begin to see the person I created. Be able to see that overcomer that through Me all things are possible and that you can do all things through Me that gives you the ability and strength. So why so downcast when you look inward, saith the Lord? If there’s things in there that must be removed then so be it and let the changes be made that you can become strong in Me walking in the power of My Might, tearing down the works of the enemy in your life and in the lives of others. For I shall give you the ability to see, not only in yourself but to see the hurts, the wounds, the pain and yes even the deception of the enemy in others. There’s works to be done inside each one first before the work is done in others. So come and let Me anoint your eyes today, come and ask of Me, saith the Lord, today and I shall move upon that request. Ask of Me to give me Lord eyes like you have, give me eyes to see as you see, myself and others and give me the eyes Lord to see you the way I should see you. Ask of Me saith the Lord today, to change your vision, to sharpen and focus your vision on My Word. That understanding and truth will be able be gleaned from My Word. Ask of Me today, come Lord anoint my eyes that I might see as you see. Let it be so, let it be so today and great change shall come upon you, saith the Lord.


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