Prophecy – July 29, 2018 (Page 2018)

Prophecy – July 29, 2018 (Page 2018)


July 29, 2018

For surely saith the Lord, you have stood strong, now it’s time to take the spoils of the enemy. It’s a day of recompense, a day of repayment, saith the Lord, of that which the enemy has stolen from you, it is a day now that you will recover and even more. Abundance shall come, abundance of My Presence and My Anointing in your life to accomplish exactly what I have created you to do. Shrink not back in this day for this is a new day, this now changes the season, saith the Lord, no longer a time of weeping and mourning but a day of strength and a day of power for My People. A great outpouring, the dawning comes now of a new day. What will you do? Will you believe it and step forth or will you remain where you are, comfortable? Come saith the Lord and I shall show you comfort, I shall show you peace and I shall show you joy like you’ve never seen. Come now and walk in the glorious Light of your Lord, for it rises within you now, take it, take it to the darkness, take it to those who have not seen it. Watch the miracles that shall come forth from your hands and your mouth, for I shall order your steps and you shall do My Bidding and accomplish My Purposes in the earth. This is the day of accomplishments saith the Lord, now it comes, ready yourself, ready yourself to receive it and be Blessed by it, saith the Lord.


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