Prophecy – June 10, 2018 (Page 2018)

Prophecy – June 10, 2018 (Page 2018)


June 10, 2018

For surely saith the Lord, this is a day which I desire My People to take a step forward. Do not stand still and do not take a step backward, but take that step of faith, saith the Lord, for this is a day which I desire to visit My People. To touch those who are walking by faith and not by sight. Some may be saying in their heart today, I wish the Lord could use me in some way, I wish I could do something. Listen not to the voice of the enemy that says you cannot, that you’re not qualified, that you don’t know enough, that you don’t do enough. For I desire to fill you with My Power, for if you take that step of faith I shall meet you there and I shall fill you and endue you with Power from on high. For this is a day not to shrink back, but a day to stand up and step forward, saith the Lord and say use me as imperfect as I am, use me Lord for your grace shall empower me and enable me to do it. This is what I long to do in the earth today for great things lie ahead, for great things are going to be done by regular people. People just like you, saith the Lord who wonder if I could ever use you, take that step and find out, take that step of faith, reach out to others, lay hands on the sick and believe Me for My Miracle Working Power to flow through you. Is it not written, that these signs shall follow them that believe? Them that believe, saith the Lord, this is a day to believe Me, to put your hope and trust in Me, to make a way where there seems to be no way. Take that step of faith today and I shall meet you there and you shall be used of Me, saith the Lord. Look for it, look for it, be sensitive to it and discern the things round about you for I shall give you divine appointments and open doors of opportunity for you to do what I would have you do and you shall accomplish it saith the Lord, because I Am with you. It is My Power that flows through you. So do not be discouraged in this day and think there’s no way that God could ever use someone like me. That’s what I Am looking for, I Am looking a willing vessel, I’m not looking for perfection and perfect holiness, but I’m looking for a vessel that would say, use me Lord, send me, use me. This is a day of My Great Power that I long to pour out upon this earth but I look for vessels to fill. Step forth, step forth and take that step of faith today and believe Me to use you and I will use you, saith the Lord. Shrink not back, shake yourself today of all the doubt and all the unbelief and all the lying accusations that the enemy and other people and even your own flesh have told you, shake it loose from you today and step forward away from it and look up, take My Hand and let us walk in faith and power and My Abilities will flow through you. Surely it will come, but surely you must take that first step of faith and I will meet you there, saith the Lord.


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