Prophecy – June 17, 2018 (Page 2018)

Prophecy – June 17, 2018 (Page 2018)


June 17, 2018

For surely saith the Lord, this is a day that I am bending down low close to the earth and that I am breathing upon those who have been hungering for Me. This is a day that I shall breath the breathe of life upon this earth. This is a day, saith the Lord that My Spirit is dealing with the hearts of men and women and children all over the earth. It is My Breath, it is My Breath, saith the Lord that shall bring strength to you, that shall give life to you, enlighten your eyes to see My Way and it will lighten your burden to be able to walk in My Way, saith the Lord. This is a new day upon this earth. Just as things are changing drastically in the natural, so now shall it begin to change in the spiritual realm. For My Power is being poured out upon those who are looking for it. For many have turned their back and walked away, many are blind, eyes being clouded with deception from the enemy but it is a day that I breathe upon and blow away the clouds of confusion upon My People, it is a day that their hunger shall be increased and shall be indeed satisfied. For this is a day to set your face into the wind, not to be blown about by every wind of doctrine, but it is a day to set your face into My Wind, let My Spirit lead you and guide you and fill you and let Him shape you into what I have created you to be. For this is a day of My Great Power, this is a day that you shall see lives changed drastically. For those who have been looked at and said of, there’s no hope for them in God, there gone, this is a day that I shall raise the dead, saith the Lord. Those who have been casted aside, I shall raise up, for this is a day that I showed Ezekiel as he looked into the valley of the dry bones and said surely they are dead, but did I not speak to him and say, prophecy unto these bones, prophecy unto these bones that are dead and they shall live, saith the Lord? So it is in this day, I say to My People, prophecy to these dead bones that have been casted aside, that have been looked at as already dead, worthless, I shall use them, saith the Lord, and I shall raise them up and place My Anointing upon them. Watch for the breakthrough, saith the Lord, first the natural, then the spiritual, things are breaking in the natural and changing drastically and so it will be in this day in the spiritual realm. The dead shall raise, the dumb shall speak, the lame shall walk and there shall arise unto Me a great and mighty army of those who were once dead, prophecy. Speak to these dead bones as if they live and they shall, saith the Lord. This is the day of the breakthrough, this is the time spoken of in times past and now you find yourself in it. Walk in My Power and I shall lead you and guide you and fill you, I shall order you steps and you shall accomplish that which I have assigned to you. Lives will become realigned, ministries shall be reassigned, many shall be relocated, saith the Lord, to the strategic places that I desire them to be. This is breakthrough; this is the change that is coming. Do not harden your heart, do not look at the past and let it be a burden to hold you back, but look ahead saith the Lord as I look ahead, yield yourself to Me and I shall raise you up and I shall use you and My Power and My Glory will be seen upon you and flow through you, saith the Lord. This is the day, this is the time of the breakthrough, saith the Lord.


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