Prophecy – September 2, 2018 (Page 2018)

Prophecy – September 2, 2018 (Page 2018)


September 2, 2018

For is it not written, saith the Lord, there shall be times of refreshing from the Presence of the Lord. These times now come, saith the Lord, for those who have an ear to hear and a heart to follow, they indeed shall find these times of refreshing. For those who strive and those who struggle find it very difficult and wonder where is these times, but those who surrender and those who give unto Me, shall I not lead them into these times of refreshing? For certainly the enemy has come in his rage to try to wear you out, saith the Lord. Situation after situation comes, problems come one behind the other and you wonder where is the refreshing, when will it come? I say in the hearing of your ear today, do not give up, do not give in for as you do you play right into his hand, his purpose in this time is to wear you down, to wear you out so that you will give up and lose hope. Do not let the things that you see and the things that surround you dictate your path nor your future, but as you keep your eyes upon Me and walk by faith, even through the times of troubles shall I not be with you saith the Lord? Have I not promised that I would never leave or forsake and as you walk through, saith the Lord, I shall hold your hand and I shall be a shield to you. For the problems will come, your enemy is relentless in his pursuit to destroy, but he is no more relentless than I saith the Lord, and as you put your hope and trust in Me, even in the midst of the fire as I was with those three Hebrew children, so I will be with you. The fire shall not consume you nor burn you, nor shall you carry the smell of smoke. For I Am your shield and I will lead you into these times of refreshing. For they come, saith the Lord, they are there waiting for you, prepared for you, so do not give up in these days, lean upon Me. Put your hope and trust in Me, not what you see, not what you hear, but follow My Voice and I shall lead you through your times of trials and situations and problems. For if you hold My Hand, My Hand is strong enough to hold yours, not to ever let you go, but to lead you even until you can walk no more and with My Other Hand I will pick you up and I will carry you through these times. My Desire that you experience these times of refreshing, they come from My Presence, saith the Lord, My Presence is with you even at this very moment. So now come and find your rest and your refreshing within Me, saith the Lord, not in what you see, not in what you hear. This is My Desire to refresh My People for I see the warfare that goes on and I see how you fight and what you go through. So come, saith the Lord, it’s time to enter into a time of refreshing. Come close to Me, come close to Me let Me embrace you and receive of My Strength, My Abilities and My Power. Let now the times of refreshing come from within you, from within you, saith the Lord. Let it come forth as a fountain, a fountain of refreshing, come now, enter in, saith the Lord, those times of refreshing.


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